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ON Semiconductor provides comprehensive solutions for automated driving, vehicle electrification, conventional powertrain, lighting, and body electronics applications. We are a top 10 global semiconductor supplier to the automotive industry, with more than two decades of success delivering innovative, automotive grade semiconductor solutions, addressing key vehicle electronics systems. ON Semiconductor is the #1 supplier of CMOS image sensors for viewing and Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and integrated circuits for Advanced Front Lighting Systems (AFLS). We have an industry leading portfolio of more than 10,000 automotive grade (AEC) products. ON Semiconductor is committed to rigorous quality standards that address the demands of the automotive industry.

Automotive 方案
Automotive Video Library

NCV8187  1.2 A LDO Regulator

NCV8730  150 mA LDO Regulator

NCV7683  8-Channel Linear Current Driver for Automotive LED Lighting

NCV7685  12-Channel Linear Current Driver for Automotive LED Lighting

NCV7691  NCV7692  Current Controllers for Automotive LED Lighting

NVH820S75L4SPB  Single Side Direct Cooling 6-Pack Power Module, Automotive, 750 V, 820 A